Idi Modalu To Create A New Wave In Tollywood?

By - April 23, 2014 - 08:02 PM IST

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The concept of Independent Cinema has been quite popular throughout the world barring few Indian languages. Telugu is one among them and we haven’t come across such genre of films in Tollywood until now. But, with a new initiative from a bunch of young films makers, we are going to experience the magic of Indie films and that too the project will be a crowd-funded one. Let’s hear what the team has to say about Idi Modalu – the first crowd funded independent cinema in Telugu language...

Idi Modalu is an expression, expression of life, drama, beauty, love, a window to all human emotions and a medium to articulate creativity. It is an art form that has neither boundaries nor horizons, mesmerizing audience with amazing visuals and sound, pushing creative limits to new heights.

Idi Modalu will enthral you, make you laugh, cry and give you hope, and inspire to dream. Idi Modalu can change people's life, induce social consciousness and bring a revolution.

Idi Modalu is first of its kind in Andhra Pradesh in crowd funding model, this movie which is being produced by the people i.e., you and Idi Modalu is not only crowd funding feature film it is also crowd sourced for the people who have been waiting to get into film Industry with their talents in their respective fields and Idi Modalu is to the people who loves cinema.

Idi Modalu will be having 5 different stories directed by 5 different directors – Sai Chakravarti, Raj Chanvell, Rupak Ronaldson, Hari Shankar, and Uday Gurrala. Let’s welcome this new age film and fund the idea by visiting their website!

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