Intelligent Producer In Tollywood Now

By - November 07, 2014 - 11:09 AM IST

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If you want to produce a film, having money alone is not sufficient. You need to understand the business of cinema and how the dynamics of entertainment industry works. The general statistics reveal that seven out of ten producers barely manage to come out with profits in their hand.

The rest either sink without a trace or just stutter along with cost to cost recoveries. But Tollywood seems to have got one man who is earning the tag of an intelligent producer. He is none other than Sai Korrapati who owns the Varahi Chalana Chitra banner. From the time he arrived, his choice of films has been good.

He is producing small budget movies and is focusing on content and talent in that segment. At the same time, he is also producing big budget movies with A-listed star heroes. That way, he is not sticking to just small movies only and is doing a perfect balance to both the categories. If Tollywood gets few more of this type then the quality and economics of the Telugu circuit will surely go up.

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