Rajamouli Disappointed but Determined

By - July 13, 2015 - 02:50 PM IST

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The real sense of achivement for any filmmaker occurs when his/her film is appreciated by the home audiences. Nothing else like record breaking profits or celebrity praises would make them this much happier. Such good comments from common audience alone are enough for the filmmaker to motivate and work harder to make better piece of Cinema next. Unfortunately, Rajamouli couldn't get such thumping positive response from the Two Telugu states for his magnum opus Baahubali- The Beginning!

While the film has broken all records in the Box Office and appreciated all over the globe for its remarkable sets, technical values and amazing performances by the star cast, there were some mixed reviews and opinions about the flick in Telugu lands. Some people felt that then second half was more gripping and entertaining compared to the first half. Moreover, some also said lack of comedy track has brought the film's pace to downfall.

Rajamouli was naturally upset listening to such lukewarm response in the home grounds. He confessed that only if he spent a little more time in crafting the film better, it would have been perfect. Nevertheless, the director is looking ahead now to make no mistakes in the second part- thereby answering all these misigivings and concerns of Telugu Audience!

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