Image Of RGV Changes With #GST Collections

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Among the key metrics that determine your celebrity quotient and demand in the tinsel town, the box office reports are a major player. Hence, almost all the members of the film fraternity aim towards success and good collections for their movies. Now, the discussion is happening on the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma and his image.

Apparently, RGV is all set to break any rules with his video ‘God, Sex and Truth’ which is arriving on January 26th. If he releases it online it is going to be a paid view on few platforms while it is going to be free on Vimeo. The trade analysts state that based on how much business he does his image will change.

If the result is good it gets positivity more than the genre or content. In fact, few will be inspired to get into that route and make something like what RGV made. For now, enough hype and attention have been drawn by the pre-release material from ‘GST’. The final fate would be known when the video actually arrives.

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