Suku's Chance For Redemption

By - May 24, 2018 - 09:30 AM IST

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Working with the top range heroes is a tricky ropewalk because if you end up delivering a dud you can be rest assured you will not get a second chance. It only takes a miracle to get that and when it happens you must be ready to rectify. Logic director Sukumar has now got one such opportunity to redeem himself.

Apparently, Suku teamed up with superstar Mahesh Babu few years ago and came up with the movie ‘1-Nenokkadine’. He shaped the script with his signature style logic and deep psychological angle. The film was made at a bomb and it ended up becoming a big bomb at the box office. With this, many thought Suku’s chance with Mahesh Babu is gone.

However, fortune has knocked this director’s door. According to reports, the famous Mythri Movie Makers have roped in Sukumar and Mahesh for a new project and they are offering a mind boggling amount to Suku as remuneration. Keeping the money part aside, this is the best chance for Sukumar to deliver a proper hit for Mahesh and even the score.

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