Bigg Boss: Episode 86: 5 of 7 inmates in nominations

By - November 30, 2021 - 11:00 AM IST

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The fifth season of the Bigg Boss TV show is in the 13th week now. Like all Mondays, this Monday is also for nominations in the Bigg Boss house. The following are some of the major highlights of the episode.


After Ravi was evicted from the TV show, all the other inmates discussed about the reasons and chances that paved a way for the elimination of Ravi from the house.


During the nominations, there are footballs in the house and every ball has the sticker of inmate's face. Every inmate will pick two balls (two contestants) and kick them to the goal post, thus nominating them. No one nominated Sunny. No one nominated Shanmukh because he is the captain. The following is the result of the nominations.


Shanmukh - Kajal and Priyanka

Priyanka - Kajal and Siri

Sreeram - Maanas and Kajal

Siri - Priyanka and Kajal

Sunny - Siri and Sreeram

Maanas - Sreeram and Siri

Kajal - Priyanka and Siri


Siri, Kajal, Maanas, Priyanka and Sreeram are in the nominations now.

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