Ram Gopal Varma's Naked Movie Review

By - June 27, 2020 - 09:30 PM IST

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Title: Naked
Direction: RGV
Rating: NA
Genre: Erotic crime thriller
Duration: 22 minutes
Date of Release: 27th June 2020
Production: Company/ South Plus
Release On:

It is a cliched storyline but made in typical weird camera angles. RGV has marketed this film making everything open. He declared that it is a 22 minute short film and spent almost nothing on it but priced the ticket at Rs 200. The bold announcement has caught the attention of many. It is needless to say that RGV's films barely win the hearts of the majority of audiences after the release, especially in recent times. But he has the ability to win the minds of millions with his attention pulling titles and teasers. Let us see what is there in Naked.

A married couple with no kids lives in a big house. The chemistry between them is disturbing and the husband hardly spends time with his wife. When the husband is not at home on a particular day the young servant cum chef working in the house accidentally sees his madam naked. The servant gets frightened and runs away. But after a couple of dramatic scenes, the lady develops desire on her servant and drags him into the bed. Husband comes home unexpectedly and catches them red handed. What happens next is the climax with crime story but not erotic any more.

The lead female actress (Sweety) looked raunchy with her attire and the way her character is designed. The strange camera angles made her look more erotic than she is. The husband's (Keshav Deepak) part is slightly more than that of a cameo even in this short film. He is ok in his role. The actor who performed as the servant looked perfect.

Background music is in typical RGV's style while the cameraman deserves a mention.

Lead actress
Camera angles
Background music

Cliched story
Predictable flow

Many audiences wouldn't even watch this film had it not been from the noise making RGV.

There are hundreds of films in these lines on several platforms but this film is an example for marketing the freely available product at a premium price. That stands out to be a case study.

Business comes into picture when someone gives value for something. RGV has given some value to the word "Naked" and pulled the attention of his target audience.

The audience those who love only the vintage RGV may mourn for "Naked". But the businessmen around in the film industry may study this as a case and explore the avenues on online platforms. Making quick bucks seem to be easier now.

Bottom Line: Nothing Naked.

Reviewed By Vikrant Reddy


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