The Ghost Movie Review and Rating

By - October 05, 2022 - 11:19 AM IST

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Director : Praveen Sattaru
Written by : Praveen Sattaru
Producers: Suniel Narang, Puskur Ram Mohan Rao, Sharrath Marar
Starring : Nagarjuna, Sonal Chauhan, Gul Panag, Anikha Surendran, Manish Chaudhari, Ravi Varma, Srikanth Iyengar
Cinematography: Mukesh G.
Editor : Dharmendra Kakarala
Music: Mark K. Robin
Production companies: Sri Venkateswara Cinemas, North Star Entertainment
Release date: 5 October 2022

iQlik Movies Rating: 2.25/5

After scoring a hit with Bangarraju earlier this year, King Nagarjuna is now back with his new film, The Ghost. Directed by Praveen Sattaru, this action thriller features Sonal Chauhan as the female lead. The film has hit the screens today. Check out its review.

Vikram (Nagarjuna) is an Interpol officer. But he goes into an incognito mode when one of his assignments goes wrong. Eventually, he becomes the bodyguard for a prominent family. Meanwhile, a girl and her mother from the family get kidnapped. How Vikram saves them? What is the role of Priya (Sonal Chauhan)? To know these answers, you have to watch the film.

Nagarjuna is being versatile with his script choices and he did complete justice to the script he picked. He looks stylish and fits in the role of an Interpol officer. He also performed action scenes with utmost conviction.

Sonal Chauhan has nothing much to do in the movie. Though she performed action scenes well, she doesn't have anything more to offer. Gul Panag and Anika Surendran were decent. Rest others like Manish Chaudhary, Ravi Varma and Srikanth Iyengar have nothing prominent to play in the movie.

Technical Departments:
Director Praveen Sattaru had an intention of making a genuine action thriller. But his writing is so sloppy that you wonder if it is an action film or a family drama. He should have stuck to the primary genre and explored it to the core. But he didn't do so.

Music by Bharatt Saurabh is weak. Mark K Robin's background score is riveting though. The cinematography is excellent. Special credits should go to the action choreographers Dinesh Subbarayan and Kecha Khamphadkee. They did an excellent job.

The Ghost's opening sequence is highly engaging. It sets the tone right for the film. But unfortunately, the film fizzles out soon. The film lacks nativity and all characters seem very unrelatable. If we take Kamal Haasan's Vikram, even though it is an action thriller, the nativity is at its heart. Thus, it became a blockbuster. The Ghost lacks that. The twists are boring and so are the unnecessary subplots. On the whole, The Ghost has nothing to offer barring a few action scenes.

Plus Points:
Action scenes

Minus Points:
Boring Screenplay
Lack of emotional depth
Poorly sketched characters

One Line Verdict: Boring Ghost


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