Raja Vikramarka Movie Review and Rating

By - November 12, 2021 - 02:28 PM IST

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Cast - Karthikeya, Tanya Ravichandran, Tanikella Bharani & others
Directed by Sri Saripalli
Producers - 88 Rama Reddy
Music - Prashanth R Vihari
DOP - P.C Mouli
Editor - Jesvin Prabu

iQlikMovies Rating: 2.5/5

After coming up with Chaavu Kaburu Challaga earlier this year, hero Karthikeya had his second release of the year in the form of Raja Vikramarka. This Sri Saripalli-directorial film has hit the screens today amidst the competition given by Pushpaka Vimanam and Kurup. Here is the review of it.

Vikram (Karthikeya) is an NIA agent who works as security personnel for the Home Minister (Sai Kumar). While on duty, he falls in love with Home Minister's daughter Kaanthi (Tanya Ravichandran). Meanwhile, there is a threat to Home Minister and his daughter. What is that threat? How did Vikram save them from it? Did he win his love? To know the answers, you have to watch the film.

Karthikeya looks perfectly fit in the role of an NIA officer. His antics in the comedy scenes are great but he needs to focus more on emotional sequences. The lack of emotional depth in his acting made some strong scenes fail on the big screen.

Tanya Ravichandran looks pretty but doesn't have anything monumental to offer in the movie. Tanikella Bharani got a good role and he excelled in it. Pasupathy and Sai Kumar are decent but their roles are regular. Sudhakar Komakula got a meaty role and he was good. But he could have done better as the character had a huge scope. 

Technical Aspects;
Debutant director Sri Saripalli chose a regular story and tried to present it by blending action and comedy together. We don't generally see action comedies in Telugu often. If Raja Vikramarka was done well, it would have become a trendsetter in the genre. But the plain writing and pale narration of Sri doesn't allow the film in becoming a memorable outing.

Prasanth R Vihari's songs are okay but his background score stands out. PC Mouli's cinematography is good. The action sequences were pictured very well. The editing could have been better. The production design was done well.

Raja Vikramarka reminds us of various Hollywood action thrillers. It starts off well but as things progress, the narration becomes bland. The first half is filled with comical scenes, romantic sequences and a good interval block. The second half had a good setup but once again the lack of engaging and unique narration makes us get bored.

In a few scenes, it was felt that the comedy was put forcibly. On the whole, Raja Vikramarka impresses only through its technical aspects and nothing else. It may mostly end up as another flop in the kitty of Karthikeya. 

Plus Points:
Supporting actors' performances
Action choreography

Minus Points:
Regular story
Plain narration
A few unnecessary comedy scenes

Final Verdict: No proper action; No proper comedy


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