Bahubali 2 advance tickets report (bookmyshow /paytm offers)

April 27, 2017
bahubali 2 advanced online booking tickets

Baahubali 2 frenzy grips Hyderabad

If you have suddenly experienced heavy traffic on your way to office and you see thousands of people queuing up in front of box offices in search of tickets right now, then you are only witnessing the mad rush that has grappled the nation, an exodus that goes by the name Bahubali 2: The conclusion. The scale of the film has surely surpassed all of its predecessors and now, the frenzy is sure to surpass everything that Indian cinema has ever witnessed.

So much so, the fateful Wednesday saw every single multiplex being sold out in Hyderabad as all of them were selling Bahubali tickets. If you could peek into the queues, you would see joyous faces celebrating because they managed to get hold of a ticket. On the other hand, there were defeated faces too because the ticket was sold out for the day.

Offline, online- the madness everywhere

The madness is not limited to the offline queues. BookMyShow, a popular app that provides tickets to all major multiplexes in the various cities across the country, shows that in Hyderabad, Baahubali 2 has all tickets sold out. This is fascinating considering online tickets charge even more. So, people are not bothering about shelling out extra cash as long as they don’t have to bother about the queue.

Twitter and Facebook are full of videos shared by passers-by about the length of the queues and the madness in the heat. In fact, some multiplexes were in the midst of some controversy as people accused them of charging extra. On the other hand, some multiplexes have been pushing out good films and the distributors of these films have complained too as these screens are looking to make extra space for Baahubali.

It’s a pan-India symptom

The madness at Hyderabad is not something surprising since it is the case in all other states in south and even in the north. People have queued up from 6 AM in the morning to get hold of these tickets. Various states, struck by the unprecedented surge, have issued orders to not sell tickets at extremely high price due to insane demand. All the stars have done the publicity business pretty well, it seems and the hype around it is off the charts. The government is making sure that no theatre can do any tax evasion in this hullabaloo as it is an excellent administrative opportunity to gather some extra money.

BookMyShow, Paytm offer discounts on Bahubali 2 tickets: Here’s how you can avail it

Baahubali: The Conclusion is supposed to release in theaters across the country soon. The movie is already getting very good response with advanced tickets being booked in huge lots in theaters across the premiere metropolitan cities such as Kolkata, Mumbai and Delhi. This is a much anticipated film by SS Rajamouli.

It is supposed to release in theaters on the twenty eighth of April. In the Southern parts of the Indian subcontinent a large number of tickets for this film are being booked in advance. In other metropolitan cities such as Kolkata, Mumbai and Delhi looking at the number of tickets available for this film it is expected to be a big success with a grand opening.

Beating Bollywood Superstars

The first movie in this franchisee, Bahubali: The Beginning was a great success all over the country. Hence, fans of this franchisee are eagerly waiting for the sequel, Bahubali: The Conclusion. On websites such as BookMyShow, a huge number of tickets have already been booked in advance. Most of the tickets have already been sold out much prior to the release of the film. The advance booking of tickets for the version of this film which is dubbed in Hindi is also available on websites such as BookMyShow.

These online tickets are available for three of the metropolitan cities such as Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata. Mumbai will have around hundred theaters around the entire city screening this film. It will have eighteen shows in the very first opening day. The first day after that would have around one thousand and eight hundred shows in total. Thus, with almost hundred theaters screening this film on the first day, a large number of tickets are available.

But the secret of a good experience is good seating. The best seats are running out very quickly. The prices of tickets have risen greatly with the minimum tickets being available for one hundred and ten rupees. At certain theaters the tickets have been priced as high as one thousand and five hundred rupees. However, in spite of such high prices a large number of tickets are being booked in Mumbai too.

Availing Massive Discounts

In Delhi, even more numbers of tickets are being purchased in advance. Delhi will have around twenty four theaters screening the film with three hundred shows per day. Huge numbers of online tickets are being sold here as well. The average rates of the tickets vary from three hundred to five hundred rupees on an average. There are theaters with tickets priced as high as two thousand and four hundred rupees.

However, in Kolkata the advanced booking scene for tickets is average compared to these other two metropolitan cities. Kolkata will have thirty theaters throughout the city showing four hundred shows per day. The prices of tickets are relatively on the lesser side. The minimum price for tickets is ninety. The maximum price is eight hundred rupees. There are plenty of tickets available in Kolkata now.

Hence, for fans of the franchisee in the Southern regions of the country as well as in these few metropolitan cities, buying tickets for the film will not be difficult. These tickets are now available on the internet with online payment options. There is no need to travel to a theater to book a ticket in advance with the help of these websites.

However, with tickets selling out very fast in most of the cities it is a good option to book these tickets in advance. Websites such as BookMyShow and Paytm are offering great discounts on online booking that the user can now avail to book advanced tickets.