Telugu movie Pushpa box office trend

December 25, 2021
Telugu movie Pushpaa box office trend

Telugu movie Pushpa box office has started on a great note at the box office and it still continues to pace up well. Director Sukumar and Allu Arjun are elated enough for the huge success which the film has amassed so far. The movie even proved to be a challenge for Spiderman No Way Home. The original version along with the dubbed version continues to surge well. 

Allu Arjun and Rashmika starrer Pushpa has created a record through its box office collections. According to the industry buzz, Pushpa: the tide has already amassed more than 140.7 crore all over the world. The film has been a global sensation. The figures are indeed exhilarating and they do indicate the glory of great content piled with proper promotional push. Let us get to know more about this history of making films. 

Box office collections of Allu Arjun Pushpa

The box office collections are huge as well as impressive. The movie has a solid grip on the target niche. What’s more, the film has been doing exceptionally well in the global market. The response to the film is indeed overwhelming especially in the midst of the ongoing pandemic scenario. Such furor and frenzy would inevitably be an object of awe. The movie is making wonders in north as well as south India. Be it a single screen theater or a multiplex, the demand for this movie is escalating. Stars from the film fraternity ( Akshay Kumar for instance) have taken the opportunity to congratulate Allu Arjun on this grand occasion. 

Allu Arjun and Rashmika starrer Pushpa expectations

This particular film of Allu Arjun is not only a big hit with the Telugu audiences but it seems that the movie has broken into the Hindi belt as well like a pestilence. The film has proved that people from any vernacular would choose to give attention and importance to good content of a film in the first place. The film is staying really stubborn and unyielding even in the face of Spiderman No Way Home. The collection of the movie is quite strong in North India and in South India it is fabulous(as expected). The Allu magic is working great on the audience. 


The Pushpa movie huge collection which this movie has amassed in the Northern part of India is indeed incredible. The makers of the movie did not in fact go for any big promotional bang for the movie in the Northern part of India. Despite this, the movie did surprisingly well in this part of the country. The release as well as the huge success of the movie in the Northern part of India proves that Allu Arjun has a significant fan following in this part of the country as well. The logistical shortcomings and the critical pandemic situation could not thunderbolt the progress of the movie at the box office. 

Pushpa Telugu movie box office success expectations

We can presume that the huge success of Pushpa in the box office will herald a new dawn in the industry. Pushpa was supposed to be a big hit and it has exceeded the expectations levied on it. As a matter of fact, the success of this film seems unstoppable at the moment. It has already set some records and it seems that Pushpa is ready to break some more records in due course of time.