Yudham Sharanam does the victory march well before release

September 6, 2017
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Tollywood is no stranger to pre-release youth promotions. Last year’s sleeper hit Run promotion saw the stars Sundeep Kishan and Anisha Ambrose revving up the young crowd just before the release.

Now it is the youth heartthrob Naga Chaitanya’s turn. He is accompanied by his female lead Lavanya Tripathi. Yudham Sharanam team has very smartly decided to target the top cool engineering colleges. This is where the bulk of Naga Chaitanya’s fans roost.

Naga Chaitanya, lovingly known as Chay’s movie successes have been driven by his youth fans largely. When they speak for the movies, it drives everyone else to the theaters.

This style of marketing, though new to the Varahi Chalana Chitram production house, seems to have met with instant success. This production banner of Eega  and Raju Gari Gadhi fame is known for trailer based marketing where the trailers heavily focus on the VFX used in the film. This pre-release college tour is a bold departure from traditional promotion, not just for this banner but tthis genre of films as well.

Yudham Sharanam is no run-of-the-mill college love story laced with action. It is an out-and –out action movie that speaks of a youth’s desperate measures to keep his small universe of loved ones intact. It remains to be seen whether this will capture the imagination of the young college going crowd. This youth audience cannot be expected to relate personally to the story however may be driven by curiosity and the love for the young stars of the movie.

Chay kicked off the cool college tour with GIET Rajamundhry. His first tour selfie with the young college crowd has drawn over 2000 likes in under 24 hours. Looks like this is a rock and roll tour of rock stars.  Both Chay and Lavanya have consciously kept it simple and mingled with their fans. No fancy, crazy film star attire, they have kept the dressing to breezy casuals and managed to catch the college vibe perfectly. Catch the tour action live on this hashtag #YudhamSharanam

Yudham Sharanam has already garnered 17 Cr before its release date of 8th September. With such a wild enthusiastic response before release from its youth audience, it looks like with break its targets and how!