Agnyaathavaasi movie updates

January 8, 2018
Agnyaathavaasi movie updates

Pawan Kalyan-Trivikram fans are super excited, because his film, Agnyaathavaasi, is all ready to reach the theatres. A trailer has been released, and it seems that the film is everything they could ask for. Stars are busy promoting the film before its release. Meanwhile, Pawan has a lovely message for a young fan. Let’s take a quick look at the recent updates regarding the movie.

Trailer of Agnyaathavaasi

The first thing noticeable about the one-and-a-half minute trailer of the film Agnyaathavaasi is that two very contrasting sides of Pawan are seen in it. On one hand, he is romantic and jovial, and on the other hand, he is a totally entertaining powerhouse. The actor also looks really good in the trailer. Another thing worth noticing about the trailer is Aadhi in the negative role, looking dapper and simultaneously, intimidating. You can also see Boman Irani and Khushbu in the trailer; both are expected to play vital parts in the movie.

Promotion of Agnyaathavaasi

While the Agnyaathavaasi team is busy promoting the film, someone else also talked the movie up recently. Kollywood star Suriya, with a huge fan base n Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, was on the promotional tour for his own movie, Gang, which is also seat to release on the 12th of January, requested his own audience to go watch Agnyaathavaasi, as well. He mentioned how Anirudh Ravichander is the music composer for both the movies, and while on the subject, he promoted Pawan’s movie.

Allegations of Plagiarism

In the middle of all the excitement and promotions, accusations of plagiarism have been brought against director Trivikram Srinivas. It has been said that Agnyaathavaasi s plagiarized from Largo Winch, a French movie. T-Seres has the right to remake this French movie, and a complaint has been allegedly filed by them against the makers of Agnyaathavaasi, and have sought an explanation in this regard.

Pawan’s message for a young fan from overseas

A while ago, a little boy from Poland, nicknamed Bujji, became internet-famous for his renditions of sogs from Telugu movies. He did his version of a song from Agnyaathavaasi, as well, and that thoroughly impressed Pawan, who left him a message, in which he thanked the boy for his musical gift in the New Year, and sent the boy his blessings.

The Agnyaathavaasi team is all geared up for the noteworthy release of the movie on 10th January, 2018.