Not Mahesh Babu but Allu Arjun to take on Salman Khan

June 19, 2017
Allu Arjun is ready to take on Salman Khan

Salman Khan is surely one of the biggest khans out there and when he releases a film, few dares to compete against him. Releasing the film may cast a disaster, and producers often don’t release their films even after a week. Mahesh Babu, understanding that, has played safe and shifted the release of Spyder from June 23 since Salman’s Tubelight is getting released on that day. However, Allu Arjun has taken a bold step and refused to move from that day and is releasing on the same day, having faith in his and the film’s abilities.

Why such supreme confidence?

While some are surprised seeing the level of confidence from the star, Arjun has all the abilities of being a superstar and this brave decision shows that he is ready to take on a big name. The trailer has already amassed quite a few views and has got raving reactions from the audience. Hence, Arjun is confident that Salman will not be able to take away audience from him. Spyder, on the other hand, had a more heavyweight combo in the form of Mahesh Babu and A R Murugadoss.

The reason for backing out

Spyder also has made everyone excited about the film but the producers believe that this would be too much of a risk. In fact, the teaser was so cool that it was supposed to trump everyone else. Since they are confident that it will be a supreme success, they are playing as safe as possible. Allu Arjun, on the other hand, is playing a heavy gamble, which, if paid off, may well shoot right into the upper echelon of stardom. If he can really throw a challenge to Salman, it will surely be a moment to remember for the actor as well as the industry as a unique phenomenon.