Kaun Hain Voh crosses 500 Million views

October 13, 2021
Kaun Hain Voh crosses 500 Million views

No matter how many years pass by, few songs still hold the same magic, charm, and relevancy in the audience. One such song which is still watched across YouTube is Kaun Hain Voh. Yes, it is the same Kaun Hain Voh, from the Baahubali – The beginning movie. The movie Baahubali – The Beginning was released in 2015, and the song is still making a sensation. Now, you must be surprised, what about it? There’s a lot about it. And, it has crushed new records and is trending for a reason. Prabhas and his movies will always trend for the goodness they carry. Okay, right! We won’t be keeping you much awaited about it. Let’s check what ‘Kaun Hain Voh’ got in store for the fans, the movie buzz, and all the trending world.


It’s 500 million views for the Baahubali song

Music is integral to the success of movies. Recent statistics show that the song Kaun Hain Voh crossed 500 million views on YouTube. Music composers play an even greater role in period epics such as SS Rajamouli’s Baahubali, where the music and score match the enormity of the film. The music director of SS Rajamouli’s magnum opus Baahubali: The Beginning, MM Keeravaani, had taken on the enormous responsibility of delivering the soundtrack.


The latest update about the Baahubali video song Kaun Hain Voh shows that the video recently passed the 500 million views mark on YouTube. Kailash Kher is the hero behind the redemption and he did it matchlessly. In narrating lofty tales about Baahubali, he became engulfed in a trance of praise. Manoj Muntashir wrote the song’s lyrics and MM Kreeavanu composed the song. Vocals were provided by Kailash Kher and Mounima.


The concept of Kaun Hain Voh

The song starts with shiva tandava stotram, which gives goosebumps to the listeners for its composition, chorus, and music.

The song starts with a pre-context of how the character Shiva’s mother is upset about his mischief and how she wanted to protect him by offering her prayers to the Shiva Linga. 


Filling up the pot with water, she walks long distances up and down the hill to complete the ritual. Seeing this, Shiva asks her what the alternative would be. The priest rejects all the choices. To resolve the problem and help his mother perform the prayer, Shiva walks to the Linga, lifts it with his superhuman strength, and puts it under a waterfall.  


The song has been beautifully penned by Manoj Mutanshir. The song lyrics mean this way – 

Does it ask who lifted that Linga with superior strength? Who was he born to? Is it Nandi in disguise praying subtly to Lord Shiva? No one has ever heard or seen this kind of power! Perhaps it is the order of Lord Shiv that the Linga has come under the fall of Ganga. 


Now, with that in mind, we would love to hear it again and make our views count for this spectacular eye treat! It’s worth 500 million views and more!