Ajith Kumar’s ‘Vivegam’ Updates

August 3, 2017
Ajith Kumar's 'Vivegam' Updates

One of Tamil cinema’s brightest stars, Ajith Kumar, is arriving later this month with his highly anticipated film Vivegam, and fans can hardly wait for it. Touted as one of the best action-thrillers coming out this year, the film has been directed by Siva, the director-actor duo is hoping that the film will be a success like the other two collaborations, Vedalam and Veerama. As of now, the release date is fixed and August 24 is chosen to be the fateful day when the film hits the screen. The film has received a U/A certificate as per reports, so the directors need not worry about the viewership as everyone can view the film and enjoy the thrill. Ajith Kumar has presented himself with the usual charisma and fans can hardly wait to see their favourite star on screen in what has proved to be a successful collaboration historically. Some of the posters that have come out recently have been intriguing to say the least.

A good buzz through posters

The release of some new posters showed that the film boasts innovation in its storyline and probably will satisfy the hunger of the fans. In one of the posters, Ajith is shown sporting an army uniform and is giving a heroic pose while the other poster shows an exhausted Ajith, probably a shot from the climax. Whatever it may be, the posters already affirm that the film will be full of action and Ajith will be, least surprisingly, at the heart of it. Its songs have also aided in the buzz as they seem to pack a lot of power and melody. It also features the beautiful and bold Kajal Aggarwal and the Bollywood star Vivek Oberoi. Akshara Haasan will also play an important role in the film. Vivek is supposed to play the negative role as per reports, although initially there was quite some confusion regarding it. In fact, Vivek left the fans hanging the balance when he claimed that the role, while being negative, is a parallel one with no particular shade of black and white throughout the film. The role, according to him, is a powerful one that may well help him revive his career.

Ajith comes back

Two years ago, Ajith rocked the screen with the same director by starring in Vedalam. While he attempts to revive the chemistry once more, it is no less than his comeback and he would surely want to make it memorable. Since the film is touted to be a spy thriller, it may well be pitted against another such genre film coming up from the repertoire of Mahesh Babu. However, Ajith would surely not shy away from competition given he has a formidable fan base and a charisma of his own to carry. In fact, he was seen to be praying in the Sri Venkateswara Temple. Surely, this must be a prayer for the good luck of the film and nothing else. He also did not shy away from selfie with fans either. While it is like a ritual for him before every film, Ajith knows that the competition is tough and hence, he has resorted to the almighty for some luck.

A formidable viewership

If teasers are anything to go by, the Vivegam should be a super hit. Its teaser, released in May, has garnered 17 million views as of now and that alone shows that the film is poised to do magnificently at the box office. Apparently, Ajith will sport himself as a stylish office of Interpol and rumours are that Ajith is going to display his six-pack abs that he prepared for himself in the meanwhile. Sony Music has already understood the potential and paid 20 million rupees for the audio rights. No wonder everyone is expecting that a few records will be broken and new records will be set. Anirudh Ravichander, the music director of the film, is also happy for the response of the songs, especially Surviva, which is doing rounds everywhere. With a U/A certificate, the film will get the widest possible release and viewership, so there is no worry from the directors for it to do exceptionally well. The crew has been all praise about each other and the chemistry should reflect on screen too.