Pooja Hegde hot updates

August 5, 2017
Pooja Hegde updates

Pooja Hegde is a wonderful actress and only one film is Bollywood cannot do enough justice to her stardom. However, if you have ever had any doubt about her stardom, you should see how mad some of her fans are about her. She is gorgeous and sensuous to say the least, but nowadays, her diva quotient is off the charts, such is the power of her beauty. The actress has kept herself with vacations and photo shoots, and that alone is enough for the fans to go crazy. Some of the photos appeared on social media and that alone was enough for the hysteria to ensue.

A visit to Singapore

One cannot deny that Singapore is not just a city, but a fair of pleasures. Not only is it a busy city, but also it is the hub of some of the greatest markets, some of the most delectable tastes and probably the greatest non-stop carnival. It is no surprise that someone as hot and happening like Pooja Hegde would visit this city and add more shine to the already glittering city. She gave a brief account of her stay in Singapore, as she loved the seafood such as crab and jumbo prawn more than anything. Probably the home to the best street food in the world, Singapore also boasts of amazing gardens according to her.

Written in the stars

Pooja may not yet be the biggest star of the industry, but her fans are making sure that her name is written in the stars. A crazy fan of her recently bought a star for the beautiful lass and named it after her, as it is provisioned by a particular company that engages in this business. The one-film old star of Mohenjo-Daro (2016) has engraved her name permanently in the sky courtesy of her fans.

Sporting a short suit

She is writing wonderful travelogues of Singapore, stars are getting named after her too. What else is left? Of course, to shine in a wonderful short suit that seemed to be just perfect for her. When she turned up in a short suit from Bloom, the SS17 collection created by Karn Malhotra during the Vogue Beauty awards, no one could doubt that she should definitely be the judge of show given she looked remarkably beautiful. Matching shorts and printed Blazer made her look elegant and yet, sizzling hot in a feminine sense.