Jr NTR says my family legacy keeps me grounded

September 22, 2017
jr says says about his family background

Our family is the greatest supporter of each of us. We can never escape from our family even if we don’t like it. Whatever we do, our family helps and supports us under all conditions. And even the famed superstar of Tinsel town, Jr. NTR claims so.

According to the budding actor, his family legacy helped him keep his grounds and be his strength. People associate him with his family. The family is his ship’s anchor, without which he would have been free to do whatever he wanted, but the anchor helps him to not fly away the sway of the industry.

However, this anchor does not restrict his choice of films but helps to make his own choices and be responsible for them. He even aspires to take the family fame given to him to much greater heights. And this new realization of his career has been made possible following his youngest son’s birth.

The actor even goes on to say that although the film industry is driven to success by money, each person needs to be entirely satisfied in the work he/she has done. Instead of thinking about other’s feeling, the person needs to be self-satisfied in his job.

Even the latest films of Jr. NTR seem to throw light on his own perspective, films especially like “Janatha Garage”, “Naanaku Prematho” and “Jai Lava Kusa”.

“Jai Lava Kusa” was released last Friday. Directed by Bobby, Jr. NTR plays triple roles in the movie. However, the emotional concept of the script was what had claimed the actor’s notice in it. The actor even said that the film could have had one star or three stars or multiple stars or even no star at all to make it, such was the potential of the cinema script.