Prabhas and Anushka will never marry

Prabhas and Anushka will never marry

The bahubaali pair dating have been making rounds for a long time now. There have been debates that they have broken up, and some day there are still dating but the busy schedule does not allow them, to make private time for each other but the story seems to be quit different in reality. The rebel star have made girls drool over him for a long time and the rumors of Anushka and Prabhas dating was confirm in industry. Industry insiders as well fans and shippers of this pair were waiting in anticipation as to when will their favorite stars tie the knot but all hell broke loose when a different story came to surface.

The Bahubaali pair Anushka and Prabhas have thick bond of friendship and nothing else and to take to the next step of being life partner seems Almost impossible and never in the cards. The reason of crushing f all hopes is because Prabaah’s father will never accept this. The family is very conservative and they have strict restrictions against Anushka or to say any girl Prabhash choosing as his life partner. Prabhash has to go to the holy pier through arrange marriage custom only. As Prabhas is very close to his family especially his dada it is quiet obvious that he will never go against his wishes.

This news came as shock to all the fans and well-wishers of Rebel star. Fans were shipping the relationship for a long time now but now with this disclosure from a source of the family to a leading entertainment portal derailed all. So it is quite clear now that Anushka are Prabhash are thick friends but nothing more than that can ever happen between them.

In the meantime Prabhas is shooting for his next big project ‘Sahoo’ opposite Shradha Kapoor. The actor is shooting in Abu dhabi. The film will have high octane dram and action. So audience can expect will expect another galore [performance from the rebel star. Kenny bates is the stunts director of the upcoming action flick. He is master in his class and has done some great works. Bates kitty includes mission impossible ghost protocol, fast and furious to name a few.

We wish him all the best in his work front and hope that he gets life partner soon.