Bahubali 2 Ratings Details

April 25, 2017
baahubali 2 ratings- story ratings, business ratings, promotion ratings and so on

Bahubali 2 Movie Ratings

Our detail Report is out. Bahubali 2 Review Ratings are here.  Let us enjoy this trend setting movie of Indian Cinema. Records would be shattered and the brand Baahubali will achieve immortality for moviegoers.

Bahubali 2 Trailer Ratings

Bahubali 2 trailer was an instant mega hit among the classes and masses across the country. We have reviewed the Trailer Analysis here

Bahubali 2 the conclusion trailer was out on March 15th this year.

Bahubali 2 Censor Rating Report

The censor report certificate: As per insiders of the movie business, it has been shared that the Bahubali 2-the conclusion is awarded with U/A certificate rating. This is not a surprise considering the hugely acclaimed first part garnering such good response all over the globe by Indian audience. In the overseas, British censor has certified 15.

The Telugu movie Bahubali 2 which is supposed to release on 28th April is locked under rolling time of 2 hours and 47 minutes. According to few critics there are a few eye brows raisers but given the huge luxurious VFX and drama unfolding the time can be overlooked.
With the last part of the Bahubali by Rajamouli, gearing for release on 28th of April, people are anxiously waiting on how the life of Bahubali unfolds and what caused his death. The most asked question after the first part as why Kattapa killed Bahubali is expected to be answered here.

Bahubali 2 Songs Ratings

The songs of Bahubali are huge as well. We did not expected slow based melodies for this larger than life magnum opus. There are total of 5 songs. No 1 song- Saahore Baahubali- Daler Mehndi sings it greatly and the chorus Bhali bhali works wonder.
No 2 song- Hamsa Naava- Lyrics of Chaitanya is soothing and the song covers the romantic angle of the movie quite well.
No 3 song- Kannaa Nidurinchara- Here the lyrics comes fronm the music director itself and probably the only routine song of the album.
No 4 song- Dandaalayya- Kaala Bhairava took this song to a great height and while listening we could imagine the visuals this song would create. No 5 song- Oka Praanam- The song acts as a narrative for the movie and with the classic vocals it stands apart. Ofcourse we expected the audio review to be a perfect one but it fails somehow. Our Bahubali songs rating would 3/5 and our best pick would be Saahore Baahubali.

Bahubali 2 overseas market ratings

Bahubali already has a nationwide release unprecedented in the history of Indian films with 6500 screens allocated for the release of this auspicious film. However, beyond this audacious release program, there is a good deal of investment to make it an international phenomenon. In fact, there are quite a few countries that have lined up for its distribution rights including US, Britain, New Zealand and Australia. Fiji is another such destination.

Cinestaan AA Distributors, a collaborative enterprise between AA Films and Cinestaan Film Company, took up the responsibility of handling the distribution of the film. They have done a tremendous job regarding that and the officials are delighted that they could make the film reach every nook and cranny around the world.

Baahubali is the first Indian film that will have a release in the high definition or 4K format, which only goes to show that the producers and the director have left no stones unturned to make sure this release is a grand, memorable event that will be remembered in the years to come.

The Hindi version will release across 18 screens of New Zealand and in Fiji, the release has been limited to six screens as of now. In Australia, the film has got a healthy 35 screens to release, which is probably the highest number of screens ever granted to an Indian film.

The scope of the US release– The film will be released in IMAX format in various locations across USA. Currently, there are 30 to 50 locations that have been decided across the country. Over North America, there are approximately 800 screens that have been granted for the release, which is an unprecedented statistic to say the least.

With so much anticipation and such width of release, Baahubali is set for a 100 crores opening to say the least. Apart from the stellar presence of Prabhas, there are stars like Tamannah, Rana Daggubati and Anushka Shetty to look forward to for the audience. 28th April is the fateful date; Bahubali fans have already marked the date and people will start advance booking as soon as the window opens.

So far the business ratings of overseas could be termed as 5/5.

Bahubali 2 Promotion Status

Mumbai is the go-to destination for all stars across the country and Prabhas wasted no time in making his presence felt in the tinsel town. Recently, fans and movie lovers spotted him at the Mumbai airport and there was a wave of excitement immediately. Immediately, reports started flying in that Prabhas had come for the obvious: to make Baahubali reach the Hindi audience as much as possible. Prabhas, the man who has become a household name after playing the role of Baahubali in the first film, has been doing rounds across the country for the promotion.

Prabhas, upon sighted, was hounded by fans immediately as everyone wanted to take a picture with him. However, Prabhas was more than happy to pose for them as he was putting a lot of effort to promote the film among everyone. Also, people took this to be an excellent opportunity to have a photo with one of the biggest superstars of the country. Prabhas also smiled for the press who were present there and made time for the fans to have a few words while he was posing; in fact, from the reaction, it seemed that Prabhas is extremely famous in Hindi circle as everyone immediately recognized him.

With everyone that Prabhas does becoming news, his recent arrival at Mumbai also went viral. It only goes to show how highly anticipated the film is as everyone immediately understood why the star was there. With April 28 rapidly approaching, such reactions from the crowd only show that Baahubali will definitely get a memorable release. The film has many other stars too like Tamannah and Rana Daggubati who will be appearing in significant roles. Director S.S. Rajamouli has given 5 years behind this mega project to make this a film worthy of waiting.

Promotional ratings of this magnum opus is 5/5.

Baahubali 2 Evaluation (Directors Cut Rajamouli)

Surely the most anticipated film this year, Baahubali 2 is all set to turn every multiplex ablaze with its red hot box office collections. Director S. S. Rajamouli too is making sure that everyone is really geared up about the film by revealing one small detail or the other in his interviews.

In his recent interview, he was ruminating about how his father Vijayendra Prasad narrated the film’s characters for the very first time. The director, along with his millions of fans, believes that Baahubali 2: The Conclusion is really his magnum opus. Vijayendra is also the script-writer of this film. In fact, he revealed that there is a deep emotional connection with the film from his part because of the time he had invested for it. Recently, when he was attending the audio launch of the Tamil version of the film, he opened up regarding the many stories behind the film.

The director has always said that he is extremely involved in the project and his team has invested a lot of emotions in it too. For five years, they have journeyed together to make this project a reality starting from his father’s story about these characters. From the moment he heard of the story, he had a powerful conviction that these characters should be placed into a film. For a month, he dwindled on them and from then on, he has felt every shade of emotion while thinking about these magnificent characters.

Moreover, Rajamouli thinks that the first part was literally the introduction of this grand film as people came to know about the various characters. There weren’t many dramatic moments in the film and the connections were loose. However, the second part will have a lot of emotions and the drama will develop and unfurl in a much better way than ever.

The excitement of the stars- The 42 year old maverick has the best possible star beside him at this moment and he is voicing complete support for this large-than-life experience that Baahubali was from the very beginning. Prabhas, the Telugu superstar said had it not been for Rajamouli, he would have never signed the project. He hails Rajamouli for turning this impossibly massive project into reality and believes that he is the only one he could do that. So much so, Prabhas says he could have gladly worked for another two years.

He feels that Rajamouli took the best care possible for him while he was there on the sets. He feels it is only for Rajamouli he could perform the stunt sequences without much hassle and hence, the sequences will really look brilliant on screen. Baahubali has one of the biggest star ensembles in its casting in the history Indian films with Multilanguage releases including Hindi. Rana Daggubati, Tammannah, Anushka Shetty have also graced the screen with their powerful performances which makes Baahubali a must watch this summer. Everyone is waiting with baited breath for April 28th right now.