Charmme Kaur is in trouble in the drug controversy

charmme kaur controversy

The SIT officials were questioning noted Tollywood actress Charmme Kaur at 10 a.m. which continued till afternoon at the Abkari Bhavan which is the office of Prohibition and Excise Department. She arrived there on Wednesday at Nampally area. The Hyderabad court has apparently rejected her plea of being questioned in front of her lawyer. The actress petitioned to the Hyderabad High Court so that women officials could be appointed for her interrogation and also requested the presence of her attorney during the questioning. Even though the court rejected the later, they have accepted her application for woman officials interrogating her. The time of interrogation will last from 10 am and 5 pm. She came directly from the sets of paisa vasul whose director has also been summoned for questioning.

Court accepted her appeal but partially

The court has also ordered for the collection of her hair blood and nail samples with her consent. She has been a very famous actress who first debuted in 2002 and also acted in many movies in Tamil & Malayalam.

A team of four women official led by Assistant Excise Inspector Anita quizzed her on her alleged links with the accused, Calvin Mascarenhas, the kingpin of the racket. She was also being suspected of being a drug user. The officials expect to gather more information through her interrogation. So far SIT has interrogated several persons from the Tollywood. Mumait Khan has also been called up for questioning.

Ronnie was detained as well who is the manager of actor Kajal Agarwal

Puttkar Ronson Joseph who resides in Manikonda area was arrested at his house after the detectives found ganja(cannabis) during a search of his home. The department has managed to apprehend and also detaining 19 persons who are connected with the illegal drug trade.

Nineteen people have arrested so far, and SIT has already registered seven cases. Charmme is the seventh celeb to have been questioned from the list of suspects. All these suspects were being called up after the SIT analysed the call data of Calvin Mascrenhas. The detained persons have spilled some valuable intel which helped them apprehend further culprits.

Peddlers sold drugs to school goers

The peddlers have also claimed to have sold drugs to college students as well as school goers. Puttkar Joseph (aka Ronnie) was also detained from his house. Narcotic substances were found in his possession. This was appalling for the actress under whom he worked for. After this incident, Agarwal has posted a tweet about how she was unaware of this whole thing. She also mentioned that she is not going to support this in any way. Also, she apparently had no idea, or neither did she have any control over his life whatsoever. She also claimed to have a purely professional relationship with and is unaware of where he goes or does once he is done with his job.  SIT also interrogated the Art Director Chinna at Excise Bhavan at Nampally. But after being questioned, he refused to talk regarding the investigation. SIT has been very thorough with the inquiry and had interviewed six celebrities since last week. They also asked Telugu film industry personalities for their alleged connection with the prime suspect, Calvin Mascarenhas. SIT has already served notice on 12 celebrities of them Actors Ravi Teja, Charmme Kaur and Mumaith Khan are yet to be questioned regarding all the allegations.

Art director Dharma Rao was also present while SIT was probing the racket. Rao is one of the six suspects. SIT officials also questioned P. Navdeep for over 11 hours who also is on the list. Actors Tarun and Subbaraju, and director Puri Jagannadh and famous cinematographer Shyam K. Naidu were also being interrogated last week by SIT officials.

High-End Drugs Have Been Found After The Bust

High-End drugs like lysergic acid diethylamide or (LSD) and methylenedioxy- methamphetamine or (MDMA) also popularly known as crystal meth was being sold to the clients in the racket. The department has confiscated LSD, MDMA, Cocaine, and other substance from those bust. These were bought over the darknet and drugs were shipped to the clients.

The SIT suspects that the film industry people, the employees of MNCs, school and college goers were the primary client. But still, nothing has been mentioned regarding this suspicion. The investigation is still going on, and they are very thorough about the whole scenario. Actors have been cooperative with the comprehensive survey. The officials are working very hard to bring an end to this mystery and provide justice to the accused who are detrimental to the well-being of our society.