Tollywood to Hollywood, this superstar says it is only hard work that has gotten him where he is

December 25, 2017
Tollywood to Hollywood, this superstar says it is only hard work that has gotten him where he is

When this actor got his first break, most of us might have blamed it on nepotism and his father’s film influence. The rudimentary fact being the fame and influence can get the actor to only some extent, the rest will depend on the actor’s capability to make things look real with his acting. Manchu Vishnu is the son of famous Tollywood actor Manchu Mohan Babu. Though Vishnu’s career in its nascent stages had a lot of hiccups and dry runs, he still held on to it and worked till he found fame.

Most of us might know Vishnu from his hit movies, Denikaina Ready, Dhoosukeltha, and Dhee. These movies were some of the best works of Vishnu. However, there is more to him than its meets us the audience eyes.

He has been very successful in maintaining his father’s educational trust Sree Vidyanikethan. Manchu Vishnu has also been working on his very own educational venture Spring Board International Schools, which consists of 72 schools all over South India. These deeds strongly establish the fact that Vishnu tries hard to be more than what his father’s fame can get.

Vishnu’s next venture will be in VFX and 3D Industry. As a matter fact, Indian movies are not that great at VFX and 3D. Lack of skilled people is one of the reason, but taking initiative and starting to build a team with people who are skilled has been lacking too. However, Vishnu with his new proposal, VMR Entertainment is ready to dive into the field of VFX and 3D and produce some Hollywood movies, Netflix, Amazon originals. This can be a huge asset to the Indian film industry. With his conviction and determination Vishnu has achieved a lot in very short span of time and this will be perfect as other accomplishments.

As Vishnu believes hard work alone can get you to success, he has been working very hard to prove his standards as an actor with his new upcoming movie and his new business venture in VFX and 3D. Vishnu’s love for content has gotten him into producing industry. He says that there are few concepts that he would like to try but he can’t do it here India. He believes that he can do it in Hollywood, so he has already secured all the requirements. Next production of 24 Frame Factory can be in English that too for Hollywood audience.

This could clearly get him a huge win if the production goes well. It is not an easy task to please global audience since Hollywood movies or shows are usually viewed by millions all around the globe. Nonetheless, Vishnu thinks he is prepared for the next big production as he has already got the crew from Australia, Britain and America.

Vishnu is very firm on giving back to the society. Either it is entertainment or education, he has his hands full and he is trying to do his best in returning quality content to the society. He adds that he only got this far only because of his hard work and without it nothing must have been possible.