5 most talked about Telugu movies in 2017

December 27, 2017
5 most talked about Telugu movies in 2017

This year, Telugu movies have shown us something different. Unlike previous years, typical action, romantic, family drama movies, this year we had a mixed bag of genres in each movie. Many people also think that this year has begun something new in Telugu film industry. We have seen a lot of modernised films with great and gripping story lines.

The 5 Most Talked About Telugu Movies In 2017:

Mental Madhilo

A very outspoken girl meets a shy guy in pellichoopulu (An arranged meeting between the bride and groom before marriage). The movie stars, Nivetha Puduraj and Sree Vishnu in the lead roles. As the story takes interesting turns we get to explore the middle ground in any relationship, compromise.

Arjun Reddy

This movie was released in late August and all people could talk about is this movie. The story is about a young intelligent student facing unforeseen troubles. Due to his anger management issues he doesn’t take the challenges well and he is thrown into deep pit of addiction to narcotics and alcohol.  When he meets a first-year medical student, something changes. Nevertheless, the story is gripping and well written down to minute details.

PSV Garuda Vega

Garuda Vega is little out of the routine. It is about an NIA officer and other troubles that come with that position. It was one of the most loved movies in 2017. It starred Dr Rajasekhar, Pooja Kumar and Shraddha Das.

C/O Surya

The story is about hero chasing those men who are trying to kill his best friend and eliminating them. But the story does provide some interesting twist in the plot line which made the audience hooked to the story till the end. This movie starred Mehreen Prizada and Sundeep Kishen. Released in mid-November.

Raja the Great

When a blind man falls in love with a young beautiful woman what happens to each other’s world’s? Ravi Teja is the male lead in this movie and also plays the blind man character. Mehreen Prizada, pampered daughter of a police officer is the female lead of the story. When their ideally happy life is disrupted by Deva, antagonist, what happens to Raja? This story was critically not well acclaimed, yet people enjoyed the performance.