Payal Rajput, Telugu actress DIY challenge

April 26, 2020
Payal Rajput, Telugu actress DIY challenge

Quarantine challenges by Telugu celebrities 

In the wake of quarantine, the social media is filled with several of types of challenges to keep up the morale of everybody. These challenges are a way for viewers even to get hooked up to their favorite celebrity social media handle, as they perform these challenges and pass it on another celebrity.  Payal Rajput, is one such celebrity who is keeping herself and her followers hooked to various performances through her challenges.

These challenges have brought some of the creative and innovative concepts to light.  Payal Rajput had previously aced the pillow challenged, had earned quite a compliment from thee fans and followers. Now she has done yet another challenge. The paper dress DIY challenge, yes it seems exactly what you think, it is a dress made of paper. For starters it may seem how it can be done, but Payal Rajput, talented  Telugu actress had made the impossible achievable. She had cut newspapers to create a dress for herself for this challenge. Not only did she make the dress for DIY challenge, but even worn it and posed for Instagram handle.

Payal Rajput Newspaper dress challenge

The DIY newspaper dress challenge by Payal Rajput, had made certain eye balls turned. Although the dress did look quiet classy and made heads turn with her sultry photo shoot, but it rubbed the wrong way for many. The actress did face some flak for this bold over the top challenge by some of the internet so classed trolls. Some even went out of their comfort to make various comedy versions newspaper dress and share in on their social media handles.

Social media trolls reacts on Payal Rajput challenge

As we all know, social media is divided by both good and bad, and for everything there is trolls present. So, this is not a surprise, but the bold attempt and the creative attempt of making a dress out of newspapers and wearing it does deserve some shout outs. AS the quarantine times are heading to longer duration, these attempts by the celebrities are the antidotes that are keeping the many sane. With situations going stricter in the outer world, we should keep our head strong and make the most out of the small joys in our lives. Staying positive and keeping healthy and engaged can get us through the tough times.

Let’s us hope that these times pass through quickly, and we can watch our favorite Telugu actresses in cinema halls quickly.